October Produce Update


Important Weather/Crop Updates

  • Pineapple remain limited due to the ex-tremely dry and hot conditions in Costa Rica.
  • After finding live samples of oriental fruit files, Florida Department of Agri-culture ordered quarantine of Home-stead, FLA therefore no product may be harvested. Supplies will be affected.

Pumpkin Season is Here!

Fall’s famous fruit that is good for you. Provides calcium, foliate and beta-carotene. Smaller sized pumpkins have a more tender and sweet flavor. Pumpkin can be prepared like any other squash.

Tropical Items

  • Red and White Malanga prices are higher this week. Costa Rica is anticipating a lost production this year due to extreme weather conditions.
  • Mangos are shipping out of Brazil with good quality.
  • Florida Avocados are extremely limited.
  • Hass Avocados are steady with excellent quality.
  • Local White & Round Potatoes and Onions. Are plentiful

New Seasonal Items

  • Apples from NY
  • Fall Squash
  • Florida Tangerines
  • Florida Grapefruit
  • Florida Juice Oranges
  • Pumpkins

Items that are finishing for the season

  • Imported Navels
  • Nectarines
  • Red & Black Plums
  • Peaches
  • Chipilín

Produce Update


Important Weather/Crop Updates

  • Watermelon supplies are struggling as Delaware is behind schedule at this time. We expect supplies to remain extremely tight for another week.
  • Lemons price continue to increase.
  • Strawberry Supplies Steady.
  • Sweet potato supplies are lower due to a lack of storage crop. Fall rains are causing lower pack outs. New crop will be available at the end of the summer.
  • Hot house and cluster tomatoes are now shipping out of Canada with steady volume.

Exotic Chipilin

Chipilin is native to Central America an unique item that you can find in our stores. The leaves are high in iron, calcium and beta-carotene.


  • Hass avocados supplies should be steady going forward.
  • The Caribbean red papaya, volumes is now steady.
  • Mangos are shipping out of Mexico with good volume.

Items that are finishing for the season

  • Florida juice oranges finishing this week.
  • Arizona melons finished.
  • California navels finished.
  • Pomegranate finished.
  • Peaches Eastern finished.
  • Rainier Cherries finished.